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531 Main St, Acton, MA 01720

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Updated 5/25/16


Memorial Day Sale!!!

Gamingetc has everything you want for all your gaming needs!

Monday, May 30, 3-10 pm

All Magic Singles 10% off

Foils, Foreign, and Played cards 20% off

Board Games 25% off

Guildball 20% off

Tons of gaming supplies including sleeves, deck boxes, playmats and more, all 25% off

Stop by Gamingetc for these great deals, this Memorial Day only, 3-10pm!


Memorial Day Draft

In addition to our awesome Memorial Day sales we will hold a draft with a special entry with regular prizes!

Date: Monday, May 30 (Memorial Day)

Start time: 7 pm

Entry: Just $10!

Prizes: 3-0 6 packs

2-0-1 4 packs

2-1 2 packs



Special Events:





Guildball every Friday at Gamingetc from 6-10!



Standard 1K Grand Prix Trial - GP Pittsburgh at Gamingetc

Date: May 28th, Saturday

Start time: Noon

Entry: $30

Format: Standard

Prizes: 1st place $400, 2 byes to GP Pittsburgh

2nd: $200

3rd-4th: $100

5-8th: $50 each

Eternal Masters Draft Weekend

Eternal Masters 8 person drafts

Date: Saturday June 11 and Sunday June 12

Preregister by May 31st and entry is just $40.00

Register June 1st or later, entry $45.00

Start time: Noon

Entry: $25

Prizes: Eternal Masters boosters, 4/2/1/1



Monthly Vintage at Gamingetc

Date: Saturday June 18

Registration: 11 am

Start time: Noon

Entry: $25

Format: Vintage with Swiss rounds. Cut to Top 4 or Top 8 based on attendance.

Prizes: 100% of entriy fees will be given out as store credit.

Unsanctioned, 15 proxies maximum


Modern PPTQ at Gamingetc

Date: Saturday July 30th

Registration: 11 am

Start time: Noon

Entry: $25

Format: Modern

Prizes: 1st place $200 Travel award

2nd: Standard English booster box

3rd-4th: 18 packs

5-8th: 9 packs


 Weekly Events at Gamingetc--New Summer Schedule!


Starting Monday June 6th, we'll have a new schedule for our weekly events.


Monday Night

Booster Draft
Start: 7 pm 
Entry: $14.00
Prizes are awarded in store credit.

Monday Modern NEW DAY!

Start: 6:30pm 
Entry: $10.00 
4 rounds of Swiss 
Prizes: Based on record 
4-0: $40 store credit 
3-0-1: $30 store credit 
3-1: $20 store credit 
2-2: 1 booster pack

Monday Pathfinder

Start: 6 pm, free to play 


Tuesday Legacy

Start: 6:30 
Entry: $10.00 
Prizes awarded in store credit.


Wednesday Standard NEW!

2 boxes are guaranteed in the prize pool with a minimum of 8 players!

Start: 6:30pm 
Entry: $20.00 

1st: Sealed booster box!
2nd: 18 booster packs 
3rd - 4th: 9 booster packs


FNM is every Friday at Gamingetc!

Legacy, Standard or Booster Draft, your choice!

Start: 7 pm 
Entry: $10.00

Start: 7pm 
Entry: Free! 

Booster Draft 
Start: 7 pm 
Entry: $14.00

Prizes: Based on record 
4-0: 6 packs 
3-0-1: 4 packs 
3-1: 2 packs

Friday Night Lights Guildball at Gamingetc from 6-10pm! Free!!

Sunday is EDH day!

Time: 12 pm - 5 pm 
Free to play 
Bring your friends and your EDH deck! We will have free giveaways to all who play.

All events require a minimum of 8 players. Any event with less than 8 players is subject to a modified prize structure.




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